How to make a user-accessible history


Hello! :)

Is it feasible for the user to store and access previous versions of a module directly in Anaplan?

This concerns the module SKU details that the end user uploads at the start of the year.
There are usually a few errors or corrections made in the first few weeks, and I would like to offer the user the opportunity to review those changes he makes

Although I am aware that the user can export the module each time he makes a change, I would prefer for him to view them right away in Anaplan.

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  • Vamsi_Kaki

    Hello @versilva , as per understanding, you would like to show the changes (errors/corrections) made by the user.

    • Compare the user uploaded data and apply Conditional Formatting.
    • For this you require 2 line items (Data staging, Data final)
    • When Users uploads data, Run 2 actions. One to load data from Data Final to Data Staging and another to Load data from file to Data Final.
    • Now compare both line items data and apply CF on Data Final.
    • User can easily identify the records that are changed




  • Hi @Vamsi_Kaki , thenk you very so much for your answer, it was very helpful for my model.

    This lead me to 2 more questions:

    1. Is that process still feasible or is it too inefficient if I want the user to access a greater number of iterations?


      Version -3 » Imports data from Version -2
      Version -2 » Imports data from Version -1
      Version -1 » mports data from Final Version
      Final Version » Imports data from file
    2. Is it feasible for the user to have both actions run simultaneously with one button only?

    Thank you so much :)

  • Hello @versilva , yes it is feasible. Consider you have module dimensioned by Versions, Line items( Data Staging, Data final).

    Action1.1 Load data from Data final to Data staging for all line items

    Action1.2 Load data from Version2 (Data Final) to Version3 Data Final)

    and similarly other actions too.

    Hope u understood.