Nested Graph & Graph/Chart color based on value


Dear Anaplanners,

I'm stuck on this particular case wherein

  1. Is it possible to get nested graphs ? Any workarounds, i did see them posted in ideas exchange.
  2. Secondly would like the graph to have a dynamic color scheme based on the values. Example: Refer below table, 4 teams, each could have dynamic members and each member has a rating. If i were to need a horizontal bar graph that displays the teams and its respective members and their ratings…with ratings all carrying colors based on the scheme below, 0-5 a shade of red, 5-7 a shade of yellow and above 7 green shade.

Any help, guidance or workaround on this would be highly appreciated.

Much Thanks


  • Hi @Sachinsourav02

    1. Yes, you can make nested graphs. Also check chart features on Anapedia to get more idea of what you exactly need There was an error displaying this embed.
    2. While setting up conditional formatting, you can manually decide range and it's colour in UX. unfortunately, it cannot be linked directly to module line item. It needs to be updated manually in case any rating change is done


  • @HimanshuRaj

    Thank you for your reply !

    1) Would you be able to help me with the page that talks about nested graphs ? In my search i was unable to find them, in fact, is saw them in ideas exchange so i presumed it was not an available feature. For example, if you create a table like the snip i showed, the classic dashboard denies you from creating a graph/chart, it becomes greyed out.

    2) I'm aware you can do it manually but rating almost changes daily, its frequency is too high for a manual approach hence checked if an automated way is possible

  • @Sachinsourav02

    If you could keep one dimension in row and another in column, you should be able to create a similar chart. If you have a visual screenshot that could help, then also please share


  • @HimanshuRaj

    Thanks for your reply !

    Unfortunately that would not help, I have three dimensions:
    1) Team List

    2) Player/Employee List
    3) Line Items

    I want to show the graph like this:
    As you can see in the below snip: Team A, B & C are sub classified into the employees/players and then their respective scores

  • Hi @Sachinsourav02

    To get this chart in Anaplan, you need to create a concatenated list from these 2 lists and using that list in a different module, you can create this chart


  • @HimanshuRaj

    Yes already explored that route, it was ruled out with the potential size constraints we would hit. Hence was looking for simpler nested graph options like how we do in excel.