Approaches for Conversion to UX


I have read the U.S.E.R posts as well as other posts about migration from classic to NUX. What I'm aiming to collaborate on here is, "from your experiences what are the different options for approach to migrate to NUX?"

  • Multiple models
  • Different personas, user groups
  • Each model has set of classic dashboards
    • end user facing: modeling, reporting
    • admin dashboards

I welcome thoughts and perspectives on potential approaches to UX conversion (by model, by persona, etc).

Thoughts on prioritization? (modeling > reporting, biggest user groups, used year-round vs. just during the planning cycles, etc.)



  • Hey @adpinto - how exciting, you are going to LOVE the new UX!

    One thing that is very cool about "Apps" is that you aren't constrained by model, so theoretically you could design a user experience that blends together multiple models into a single UX. That may or may not be desirable but one area I think it could be meaningful is in the creation of an "Admin App". You could create multiple pages to track any recurring or ad hoc tasks that you need to manage across your models (annual rollover is the one that comes to mind).

    With regard to migration, I would tend to prioritize around what is going to be least disruptive to my business partners. Switching cost is a real thing so you'll want to ensure there is time allotted to training and given people the ability to get comfortable with the new UX before they have to use it in a peak process. Maybe a parallel approach might be ideal that allows them to compare classic vs. NUX to ensure parity while also appreciating the new functionalities that are available in NUX.