Text to Column feature in Anaplan



Is there a way we can convert a text to column like how we do in excel. Example below:
You can see Column A (member name) and Column B (Projects Involved/textlist). Using Texts to Columns we can convert column B dynamically to different columns. As its dynamic some members have 3 projects while some may have more. Can this be achieved in Anaplan ? any tips and suggestions would be appreciated



  • @Sachinsourav02

    This one of the reasons why TextList() should not be used, aside from the performance issues it may cause. Without knowing the full architecture and knowing exactly what the desired final outcome, there are a couple of different ways. I would assume you have a hierarchy with members rolling up to Projects and this how the above was achieved. Do you have a Projects Flat list as well as an Employees Flat list? If so, you can create a module with both flat lists in the Applies To and then use filters to list all projects that the employee is apart of.

  • @rob_marshall

    Appreicate your response !

    1) Members do not roll up to projects, rather members are assigned to projects using line items. The TEXTLIST is achieved through a different process using some calculation involving member scores for each project, that is if score is assigned then consider the employee else not.
    2) Both members and projects are list however not hierarchically connected hence the module option with filter may not work.

  • @Sachinsourav02

    Precisely, they don't have to be in a hierarchy connected, it is called a cartesian join where you make the connection, in your case Employee's assigned to Projects and then using a filter to only show valid intersections.

    Take a look at this post where I modelled it the correct way in order to not use TextList(). Hopefully this helps.

  • @rob_marshall

    I'm unable to see the link to the post, would you be able to re-share it ? thank you