How to set up action that will change the boolean (in form of tickbox) for selected periods?


I have a module that contains Cost Centers and Accounts and time dimensions. When user unticks a box called Override (line item), the values for combination of Account and Cost Center will be automatically populated using last 3m average values. If the box is ticked, then user is able to manually submit their own number (i.e. 3m average will be ignored).

Combinations of CCs and Accounts generates over 35000 rows, when I am trying to tick all the boxes I spend a lot of time copying and pasting ticked boxes, but I can only do a certain number of cells (there is a limitation when copying data). I wonder if there is an action that I can set up for this? I tried also excel add-in, but again due to amount of rows the upload crashes, and then I end up breaking down the work to smaller bulks of data which takes still time. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks in advance.


  • Hello @DanielSvocak , if you want to tick/enable Boolean for combinations of Cost Center and Account across all time periods then follow the below steps

    1. Considering "Override" is the line item, you are going to tick/enable
    2. Write TRUE in the formula bar of Override line item
    3. All Combinations will be enabled
    4. Next, remove the formula. Still you can everything is enabled
    5. Removing formula makes the editable (expected to be)

    Hope this works.



  • Hi, if you want to control the checks in the Module

    Create one Boolean line item "Override " in the SYS Module and refer to the Source Module line item.

    Publish this "SYS. Override" Line item on Page, Whenever the User checks the SYS"Override" this will affect in Source module.

    Hope it works