Response from adding item to a list. Success but not added or ignored


I'm calling the API to insert an item into the list.

{  "items": [    {      "code": "test",      "properties": {        "Display Name": "test",        "Time/Date Stamp": "2023-10-27 13:19:19",        "Amount": "Data Unavailable"      }    }  ]}

I'm getting a response back that show it has not been added or ignored.

{    "added": 0,    "ignored": 0,    "total": 1,    "meta": {        "schema": ""    },    "status": {        "code": 200,        "message": "Success"    }}

I checked my list and I'm not seeing this record in there either. Is there a reason why this is occuring?


  • @nwangaxxsys,

    Can you please share more information about how you are loading the data and share screenshots of the import action and list structure?