Using Maps and the Longitude and Latitude seem to be out

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I am mapping volume using the new Marker layer in maps, and have all the 'correct' longitude and latitudes for UK Postcode regions. However when I add these as a layer, ALL of them are out of place (to the right and above where they should) so some end up in the sea.
The top red circle is supposed to be York ( The latitude and longitude for York are 53.95763 and -1.08271) but the red dot is more like 54.44 and -0.08. Any idea why?


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  • sprender
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    @DeveloperCYT have you checked the number of decimal places on your line item? They may not be set to the sufficient number of dps to hold the Lat and Long accurately. I find that 8 dps is often required and the default is 4 I believe.