Trying to find equivalent of INDIRECT in Anaplan


My specific problem is referencing a line item by name from another module using a text value as the name. For example, if the line item is "1011" in module "Module A", how can I reference this line item dynamically within another module "Module B" using a separate input that matches "1011".

In excel, I could use the INDIRECT function to create cell references that take values from other cells dynamically and returns the contents of the cells being referred. I'm looking to understand how this can be done in Anaplan.


  • @abhisheknair

    It depends, what is the dimensionality of both modules?

  • Module A contains pipeline opportunity-level data - opportunity codes (40K distinct opportunities) and regions (against 3 regions) with 63 line items.
    Module B is a summarization of opportunity level data in module A and contains only one 2 dimensions - a reference quarter (9 values) and region (3 regions). Trying to create a line item that references one of the 63 line items based on the reference quarter value.

  • @abhisheknair

    In module A, what happens to the text data as it aggregates up to the summary members? Is this a possibility where A1 = "Test" and A2="Testing" and A3="Tester"…What should be shown at A?


    • A
      • A1
      • A2
      • A3
    • B
      • B1
      • B2
      • B3
    • C
      • C1
      • C2
      • C3