Level 1 Talent Builder - First participation in the forum


Hi Everybody,

I'm a new student and i would like to pass the exam for the Level 1 TB (independent).

If my understanding is good i need to finish courses video before having the acess to the exam. but the probleme is in each course there is activity section about the Unicorn Candy Company model which requires to get connected to the platforme. (see the attached screenshot)

I send many emails to the support team about this problem.

Could you please help me to understand how it works.

Many thanks in advance.



  • Hello @khalil , in order to finish activities you need a workspace where you can implement and generate reporting grids and charts.

    Drop a request mail to Anaplan for workspace access. They will lead you further.

  • Hi Khalil,

    In this L1 Training Course, You need to see the training Videos Understand and Replicate in the Platform through Activities. You can Use your Anaplan Login ID and Login to https://www.anaplan.com/ . You have to start these Activities from the Starting (From Creating a Model) , Now you are at Activity 8 as per the Img Sent.

    In the Exam, there will be certain activities mentioned and based on that Questions will be framed. The Activity in the platform is mandatory for Level 1 Training Course.

  • Hi GanapathiRam,

    Thanks for your feedback, so if my understanding is good i need to have acess to the demo platforme and finish the activities for each lesson ?