Automatic Export of 60 pages


Hello guys! Can anyone solve this?

I have a module with 60 pages, and I need to export each one of those pages into a different excel file. Does anybody know a way of automate this process? I mean, facilitate the manual process of selecting pages 60 times and export each one of them individually? Is there a way to iterate the process or to the next best thing of exporting them all at once into one workbook and iterate the process of separating it into 60 files?

Thank you very much!!!


  • Hello @AndreBras , from your statement "I have a module with 60 pages", I understand that there are 60 items for the dimension placed at Pages section.

    To export everything, select "All Pages" option in the Export action. The exported file will contain 60 worksheets. Now you are good to create individual files from exported file.