Need count to work dynamically depending on the list size



I have a requirement where in a module i have 4 dimensions (2 as page filter, 2 in the rows), Also line items are on column. (No time as dimension)

I need to have a formula where it should reflect count of the line item starting from 1 to as many as the line item count is. And this should be dynamic based on the dimensions values i change. (It should always start from 1 and go till the line item count)

Any suggestion on this ? @JaredDolich

Thank you


  • Can you be more precise? Do you mean you want to count the line items added? A picture of what you want to achieve will be helpful to make the suggestion.

  • Sorry I don't quite understand your request. Do you want to count the details added to the order?

  • You can use a formula like ITEM(ROW(ITEM(Top-Level Hierarchy))) to dynamically reflect the count of line items starting from 1 and going up to the total count of line items, adjusting based on dimension values.

  • hersanchez

    Replace "List" with the name of your line item. This formula will generate sequential numbers starting from 1 based on the order of the line items. It will dynamically adjust as you change the dimension values.


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