Filtering for Month or Quarter or Annual Totals


I'm trying to do dynamic filtering of the periods in a report based on another module where I enter report start and report end date. I want the option to:

  • Show only months between date 1 and date 2
  • Show only the qtrly totals between date 1 and date 2
  • Show only the annual total between date 1 and date 2


  • Hello @howard ,

    1. Selection Module (where u input dates)

    2. Time Filters Module

    3. Apply "DB Filter" on your target module

    I hope the above approach will meet your requirement



  • @Vamsi_Kaki

    Question, I think you can make that easier by having the summary of ANY on the Months? line item, which will incorporate the Quarters and Years, no?

  • Thanks guys! I'm getting closer by using the time function. To clarify:

    • my income statement is 2 years
    • Totals: Month, Qtr, and Annual
      • 24 moths columns, 8 qtr columns, and 2 annual columns
    • I want to hit a filter and show:
      • Annual: Result should = 2 columns
      • Qtr: Result should show 8 columns

    I may be wrong, but the answers don't drill down to these results. but I could be doing something wrong. Am I using your functions correctly?

  • I think I figured it out. I needed the time scale to be qtr or year as well. THanks guys!

  • Hello @rob_marshall , You are absolutely right. Having the summary of ANY on the Months? line item gave me the expected result. My bad, I missed that summary point.