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Been struggling on this particular piece:

We have a module where we have a Country Dimension and Serial Number list, as each country has a fixed number of 10 agents and some attributes (line items).

Refer Snip:

Agent Name & Agent Role are list formatted Line Items. "Country" and "No." are lists.


We want to avoid the "No." list and only show Country-Agent-Role. It was initially designed with fixed "No." list of 5, where countries may or may not have 5 agents, as in the case of Canada where they have just 3, while Asutralia as full 5.

I have already managed to get the country & agents using agent allocation formula however unable to get the role to this view.

Any suggestion/tip to solve this would be helpful. Thanks


  • @Sachinsourav02 I think a simpler approach would be to pivot this and have No. list then country list in rows

    Hide No. list from UX by dragging the table header a little to left and use filter for isnotblank to only show entries where data exists


  • Put formula "Agent Role[Lookup: Agent Name]" in Target line item where Agent Name is the header you used in Target Module.


  • @Umang Singhal That will not work, because of the "No." Dimension, hence looking for a workaround

  • Sachinsourav02
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    Yes that would have been great but there are other items as well that we bring in with this view. Each country has a Country Chair, Country VP, Country Head. These users (coming in from the same Agent List) does not have "No." list since they are one-to-one mapped to a country directly .

    So this report is a consolidated view of country - its employees and their role. Employees include senior folks and agents (with "no" dimension)

  • @Sachinsourav02 That should still be fine, as you should just create the subsidiary view line items for these and have them applicable only by Country. Have then arranged in columns but the filter for isnotblank should still work same


  • @HimanshuRaj I'm afriad that will not work, let me explain how:

    Agent Name & Agent Role is dimensioned by Country and "No.", so agent is tagged to a "No."

    Now to display a consolidated table with Country Dimension (excluding "No." list) including aforementioned Agent Name & Agent Role; plus leadership team details which Leadership Team Name and Leadership Team Role, this will have to be brought in with a different line item (like you suggested that does not have "No." dimension) then effectively we will have "split view" which is not desirable.

    So i do not think it will be possible to bring them in a subsidiary view. Rather would there be a way to bring all of them in a separate module which avoids "No.".

  • I believe you don't want the No dimension, am i right? you would like to transfer all the data to a new module without the No. dimension. If you're only worrying about the view, creating a separate view hiding No. will work.

  • @penalty shooters 2 If you're facing challenges or need assistance with a specific aspect of this module, please provide more details or let me know the specific issue you're trying to address. This could include questions about the structure of your module, formula calculations, or any specific problems you're encountering.

  • linnea2

    @Sachinsourav02 Is there a possible solution to display a consolidated table with Country Dimension, Agent Name, Agent Role, Leadership Team Name, and Leadership Team Role without having a "split view" or including the "No." dimension? Alternatively, is there a way to bring all the mentioned details into a separate module that avoids the "No." dimension altogether?

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