Modeling probleme


Hi all,

Can you please help me with the following model? I want to create a model to calculate my budget for the next year. Here's the list of components:


  • Product: Family => Subfamily => KSU
  • Distribution Network: Global => Distribution Network Local
  • Brand: Brand X and Y


  • Sales history in quantity and revenue (CA) per month
  • Price for one unit
  • Forecast per year in quantity


  • Anaplan calendar year/month


  • Actual
  • Forecast


  • Module 1: Calculation of Forecast per month using the sales history data and applying a seasonality coefficient to adjust the data. The seasonality is not calculated per article but based on a key: Subfamily/Distribution Local/Brand. This means I need the sales data per this key. Please note that Subfamily, Distribution Network Local, and Brand have different hierarchical levels.

I am using the following formula to calculate the forecast in quantity: Forecast of the year * seasonality coefficient of every month.

I am stuck and don't know how to create the seasonality key (Subfamily/Distribution Local/Brand) in Anaplan. Could you please provide your feedback and assistance?"

Thanks in advance.


  • I think you should consult with the person who provided the data to know how seasonality key is calculated/created. It is difficult to decipher the key just from the information provided.

  • @SAtrane,

    To implement the seasonality key (Subfamily/Distribution Local/Brand) in Anaplan, you can follow these steps:

    1. Create a Seasonality Module:
      1. Build a new module specifically for seasonality calculations. This module will include line items for Subfamily, Distribution Local, Brand, and the respective seasonality coefficients.
    2. Import Seasonality Data:
      1. Import or manually input the seasonality coefficients for each combination of Subfamily, Distribution Local, and Brand. You can structure this data in a separate CSV file and import it into the Seasonality module.
    3. Create a System Module for Key Mapping:
      1. Build a system module to map the relationships between Product, Distribution Network, and Brand. Use line items to map the relationships at each level of the hierarchy.
    4. Use LOOKUP Functions for Key Mapping:
      1. In the Forecast calculation module, use LOOKUP functions to bring in the seasonality coefficients from the Seasonality module based on the key (Subfamily/Distribution Local/Brand). You'll use the relationships established in the system module to perform these LOOKUPs.
    5. Apply Seasonality in Forecast Calculation:
      1. In the Forecast calculation module, apply the seasonality coefficients to the forecast quantity for each month. Multiply the forecast quantity by the respective seasonality coefficient to adjust the data.

    Here's a simplified example of what the modules might look like:

    • Seasonality Module:
      • Dimensions: Subfamily, Distribution Local, Brand
      • Line items: Seasonality Coefficient
    • System Module:
      • Dimensions: Product, Distribution Network, Brand
      • Line items: Subfamily, Distribution Local
    • Forecast Calculation Module:
      • Dimensions: Anaplan Time, Product
      • Line items: Forecast Quantity, Adjusted Forecast (using the seasonality coefficients)

    By establishing these modules and relationships, you can effectively create and apply the seasonality key in Anaplan for accurate forecast calculations. Adjust the structure and granularity based on your specific model requirements.