L3 Model Building Sprint 2 - User Story 3.3


Hi Community,

I was able to match my Target with the screenshot provided in the training. But after applying the commission and attainment % to Quarterly Target and then using Quarter Apportionment to divide quater values into monthly interval. My screenshot doesnt match the check your build.

Commission% for Janell is 10% (from Data hub)

Attainment is 90% from QUO03

Some screenshot

Screenshot from Training

Any ideas? Is the screenshot not updated?


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  • jobr01
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    Thank you @Vamsi_Kaki, realized that the Commission% in the SYS module was the one originally imported. I remapped it to the QUO03 module where commission and attainment% is provided dependent on tenure and sales role.


  • Hello @sagarkpr , I hope you are calculating Sales Rep's Monthly Commission forecast by multiplying Quarterly Commission forecast with Apportionment%. If that's the case, you might be calculating Quarterly Commission incorrectly.

    Quarterly Commission = Quarterly Final Sales Target * Net Commission%

    Please check your Net Commission% values.



  • @vamsi_kalki, I am indeed doing it like you mention. First calculating it a quarterly and then dividing into monthly using the apportionment%

    as for net commission, my understanding is. Its Commission % (10)* Attainment % (90) (so 9% for Janell)

    Isn't that right

  • Yes you are right! But, I hope you haven't multiplied Net Commission% with Quarterly Final Sales Target.

    The below snapshot of your model building shows

    Q1 Sales Target = 153,970

    Q1 Commission = 13,857

    But, Q1 Commission should be 12,472. So, please check your Commission% and Attainment% values



  • Hi! I believe I have the same issue, I don't get the numbers to be the same as the check your build screenshot. See below, I have the same figures as you so I believe we did it the same way.

  • Hello @jobr01 ,

    Please check

    • whether are u referring to Initial Sales Target or Final Sales Target
    • any unassigned accounts, over-assigned accounts
    • Commission% and Attainment%



  • jobr01
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    I managed, thank you!

  • I finally was able to figure out, I was using the commission% from data hub import instead of using it from QUO03.

    My numbers finally match with screenshot.

  • Hi @Vamsi_Kaki @sagarkpr can you please explain how you distributed the annual Target into Quarterly sales target? Also can you share screenshot of Net Commission % values, just need to cross check if I am calculating it rightly. Thanks

  • c.tella

    Hello @sagarkpr, I've been stuck in this section for days. Can you please give some hint on how Target is calculated?

  • sagarkpr

    @ChristelHernandez1999 I will try my best its been 6 months since I went through Training.

    There are two component you need to calculate Target.

    1. You already have final sales target by different account by qtr
    2. A Mapping between Accounts and Sales Rep.

    You should be able to use this to calculate the Target by Rep by Qtr

    Hope this helps, if not then please explain more on where you are struck and I will try my best.

  • sagarkpr


    To Split Yearly Targets into Quarterly, you will use factor of Initial Quarterly sales to Total Yearly Initial Sales which is calculated earlier in the sprint using the PY trends.

    Hope this helps.

    Also let me know if you are still looking for screenshot of Net Commissions.