L3 Model Building Sprint 2 - User Story 3.3

Hi Community,

I was able to match my Target with the screenshot provided in the training. But after applying the commission and attainment % to Quarterly Target and then using Quarter Apportionment to divide quater values into monthly interval. My screenshot doesnt match the check your build.

Commission% for Janell is 10% (from Data hub)

Attainment is 90% from QUO03

Some screenshot

Screenshot from Training

Any ideas? Is the screenshot not updated?


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  • jobr01
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    Thank you @Vamsi_Kaki, realized that the Commission% in the SYS module was the one originally imported. I remapped it to the QUO03 module where commission and attainment% is provided dependent on tenure and sales role.


  • Hello @sagarkpr , I hope you are calculating Sales Rep's Monthly Commission forecast by multiplying Quarterly Commission forecast with Apportionment%. If that's the case, you might be calculating Quarterly Commission incorrectly.

    Quarterly Commission = Quarterly Final Sales Target * Net Commission%

    Please check your Net Commission% values.



  • @vamsi_kalki, I am indeed doing it like you mention. First calculating it a quarterly and then dividing into monthly using the apportionment%

    as for net commission, my understanding is. Its Commission % (10)* Attainment % (90) (so 9% for Janell)

    Isn't that right

  • Yes you are right! But, I hope you haven't multiplied Net Commission% with Quarterly Final Sales Target.

    The below snapshot of your model building shows

    Q1 Sales Target = 153,970

    Q1 Commission = 13,857

    But, Q1 Commission should be 12,472. So, please check your Commission% and Attainment% values



  • Hi! I believe I have the same issue, I don't get the numbers to be the same as the check your build screenshot. See below, I have the same figures as you so I believe we did it the same way.

  • Hello @jobr01 ,

    Please check

    • whether are u referring to Initial Sales Target or Final Sales Target
    • any unassigned accounts, over-assigned accounts
    • Commission% and Attainment%



  • jobr01
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    I managed, thank you!

  • I finally was able to figure out, I was using the commission% from data hub import instead of using it from QUO03.

    My numbers finally match with screenshot.