Modeling Questions


Hi all,

Can you please help me with the following model? I want to create a model to calculate my budget for the next year. Here's the list of components:


  • Product: Family => Subfamily => KSU
  • Distribution Network: Global => Distribution Network Local
  • Brand: Brand X and Y


  • Sales history in quantity and revenue (CA) per month
  • Price for one unit
  • Forecast per year in quantity


  • Anaplan calendar year/month


  • Actual
  • Forecast


  • Module 1: Calculation of Forecast per month using the sales history data and applying a seasonality coefficient to adjust the data. The seasonality is not calculated per article but based on a key: Subfamily/Distribution Local/Brand. This means I need the sales data per this key. Please note that Subfamily, Distribution Network Local, and Brand have different hierarchical levels.

I am using the following formula to calculate the forecast in quantity: Forecast of the year * seasonality coefficient of every month.

I am stuck and don't know how to create the seasonality key (Subfamily/Distribution Local/Brand), is there a possible way to concatenate the lists to have a ligne item as Subfamily/Distribution Local/Brand using Anaplan ?

Thanks in advance.