Best Practice for Initiating Many Actions via Python Script


I have managed to piece together a script to initiate one of several scripts.

Now that I can start one, I would like to ask what is the best practice for starting several? Should the script pause until each action is complete before starting the next one?

If so, what would a simple wait and check to see if task is complete snippet look like?

Thanks so much for your help!



  • Can I know why you are not using a process and triggering the process directly? That way Anaplan will execute the actions step by step itself

    If you really need to trigger actions separately, then yes it's definitely a good idea to make sure the previous run action is completed first. You will need to call the status API to look at the status of the action and trigger the next one after the status says complete

    Here's a snippet:

    You can call this API until the COMPLETE status is reported