SG&A Forecasting


Hi All,

Based on your experience, can I know how you do the forecasting for SG&A in Anaplan? ( except driver-based / scenario-based) are there any forecasting methods available for finance SG&A forecasting?



  • Hey there, the beautiful thing about Anaplan is that it isn't an out of the box solution but rather a modeling platform that you can configure based on your company's processes and needs. There is no prescribed best way to forecast SG&A - the answer is always "it depends".

    However, there are some great resources available that provide examples of how you might construct a model for specific us cases. Check out:

    Also, if you haven't already done so you may consider completing the L1-L2 model building training programs in the learning center. These are wonderful programs which will take you through the foundational building blocks of Anaplan and help you understand how the "blank slate" becomes a working model.