Level 1 model building exam


Hello everyone😊

I am going to take level 1 in a couple of days. I am a bit stressed about exam questions since I feel it is a bit hard to write formulas and design system time settings etc; I feel it will be so hard for me to develop the output by just giving user stories and data . it was quite helpful when they guided us to tell what modules we require, settings, formulas etc like in course.

so I needed to know how the exam would be. what should I learn? I understand the logic and how to approach the problem and create modules etc, but i feel I can't do all things alone like settings, minute details, formats etc, without having a doubt or getting stuck somewhere ( if so, how can I find a solution to know where i made mistakes etc )

will the test provide hints , guidance , formulas to help us to build the modules or we have to build from scratch without having technical knowledge ?


Thanks a lot in advance


  • Hello @Prithi , Don't worry. The exam is not difficult. You will have 6 attempts to finish the exam. In every attempt, you shall have 2 chances to provide the answer. You can access your model while attempting the exam. Be confident and finish the exam. All the best



  • Thanks a lot @Vamsi_Kaki 😊