How to bring values from the same module into different rows


Hi, I'm trying to bring a value entered by the user in the line Item 'New Price for Original Product' which is a value entered in the product B row into the 'Final Price' Line item in row for Product A.

'Original Product' line item is a subsidiary view that brings the original product as text.

The first thing I tried was using a lookup function with 'Original Product' as the mapping but It is not bring the value.

New Price for Original Product [LOOKUP: Original Product]

Any idea on how to achieve this?

Best Answer

  • rob_marshall


    Obviously, it depends on other values, such as

    • in your picture, is Product in the Rows?
    • will Product B on have A as the Original Product or will others have A as well? If only one Product (row axis) will a unique Original product, then the below will work…if not, say Product C has A as the Original Product, then this fails.

    With that said, check this out and see if it will work for you. Basically, use a SUM instead of the lookup.


  • Thanks, Rob. Your assumptions were correct; the product is listed in the rows, and it's not possible to repeat any product in the 'Original Product' column. Therefore, using the SUM function solved my issue. Much appreciated.