Editable nature of cells within grid is inconsistent over time, not due to version

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Hi Anaplan Community!

I am working within an Operating Expense financial model, I have a module to allow for manual adjustments by department. This module contains a line item "Amount" with no formula, to facilitate the manual input of adjustment amounts by spend category.

The Model's Time frame is 2022 - 2028, and I am able to input values into the cells up until 2025. However both within model and the app, cells for 2026 appear blank, not even showing hyphenated zero's with no ability to input. I have checked multiple times that there is no filter on the data, that write access is allowed (as evidenced by input to years 2022 - 2025), but am a bit perplexed.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a cell limit or some structure nuance I lack an appreciation for? I've attached screenshots to help build understanding.

Thanks for the help Anaplan Community!

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  • HimanshuRaj

    @pmeehan Try checking Read & Write DCA logic for this line item in blueprint. Try removing Read & Write DCA and then see if it allows data entry FY26 onwards