How to assign roles to Employees


I Need to assign two employees with analyst as a role to third employee as a Manger.

As what ever the locations are accessible for analysts should also have the access to Manger.

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  • Dikshant
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    It would be better if you could share screenshots of the module.

    As per your initial question, you were asking to assign analyst location access to the manager.

    I want to understand, is that a manual selective access that you maintain and you need a view to see analysts location to assign to a manager?

    Emp A (India) and Emp B (US) works for Manager A. You need a view where you know that for Manager A need India, US locations access?


  • Hello @Venkatakrishna , Here I assume that mentioned employees are users of the model.

    To set role, navigate to the Users pane, you can provide specified Role to the user under the column "Model Role"

    To provide locations access, please use concept of Selective Access.



  • @Venkatakrishna,

    1. In the Users tab, search for the employees.
    2. Assign the "Analyst" role from the Model Role dropdown to the two analysts.
    3. Assign the "Manager" role to the third employee.
    4. Navigate to the Locations columns towards the right side.
    5. Assign the necessary locations for both "Analyst" and "Manager" roles.

  • I have Created a Employees List —Numbered List

    Also I have Created Job role List—Flat List

    → In a module i assign manually by selecting who is analyst and who is manager.

    → I took a saved view of Analyst and Manager and i updated in the Employees List by adding two Listsubsets as SS:Analyst and SS:Manager

    →Now i need to Assign Manager for the Analysts

    I need the suggestion based on this

  • @Dikshant

    Hey Dikshanth i need suggestion in the way that you explained with an example

    → Can you tell me how can i rectify it

  • @Venkatakrishna,

    Are you storing these employee-to-role, Location mapping in a line item?

  • Dikshant
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    Based on a few assumptions, I've built the functionality for you and am sharing the step-by-step build.

    First understand how this functionality works and then will deep dive into the build:

    This is the Employee Management Dashboard where you first assign Role and make an employee Analyst/ Manager. Then assign manager from the dropdown. For this example I chose E04 as a Manager of E02 and E05 as a manager of E01, E03.

    Analysts Location column will give you comma separated Locations of all assigned Analysts of a Manager.

    Grid-2 will give you the locations of the analysts under a manager.

    Then click on location and then click on Assign Location to Employee(s) action to assign Location to Employees. Here is how the action looks like:

    I'm sharing screenshots of lists, modules, and actions for your reference

    Try it out and let me know if you stuck anywhere! 😊