Adding new list failure

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Hi guys,

I have a system generated numbered list concatenated with an attribute. It is marked as a PROD list.

I created a form in the NUX to enable the user to add into the list but I keep getting failure

What could be the issue and is there a workaround to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi @innocent,

    Is the list marked as able to be modified by the assigned user role? If not, they won't be able to modify it.

    Check out the Users' menu, Role —> List tab. If the list is not checked to be editable by the role, they'll get a failure. There may be other reasons why this is occurring, but that would be the first place to look.

    Good luck!


  • Hi @Stacey_Gibbens thanks for the response, the user role has not been assigned yet. I myself being a workspace admin, I'm getting the error. I don't understand the reason and I've checked in Anapedia on creating a list using a form but can't find any solution to it.

  • Out of curiosity, do you have the 'Full Access' role on top of WSA?

    Otherwise, there's currently a bug with forms where if you re-enter the same code for a numbered list, it triggers a roll-back and fails the create. This doesn't appear to be an issue on non-numbered lists where you just rely on the 'Name'.

    See below,

    Can you confirm whether in your test, you've already got an item with the same code? Would explain the failure if you do.

  • Hi @luke_e thanks for the response I have  'Full Access' role on top of WSA. The codes is continuous numeric so I start entering codes after the last numeric code e.g the last code is 1077 so when I enter 1078 it fails even tried a different larger number as 2000.

    I think there is a bug in Anaplan.

    Thanks for the help.