Create Build Region Saved View  Level 2

Options Create Build Region Saved View 

Create a saved view for importing: 

  • Module Name: SYS05 Region Details 
  • Saved View Name: Build Region 
  • Include: Code and items

Make sure to select SHOW for the Code line item and save the view. This will ensure that as new line items are added, they will not be included in the saved view and imports will be faster.

can anyone help me where I can find that" make sure to select SHOW " for the code line items for saving the view? and how to save as per the conditions ?

Best Answer

  • Dikshant
    edited November 2023 Answer ✓

    Go to SYS05 Region Details module and create two Line items Code and Item

    Formulla for Item: NAME(ITEM(Region Flat))

    Formulla for Code: CODE(ITEM(Region Flat))

    Select both line item and right click on columns and select SHOW as shown below.


  • Hello @Prithi ,

    I suggest you to use "Select Items to Show" option. Because, this allows you to choose line items of your choice and display them according to chosen order. Moreover, it is easy to include new line items in the already existing saved view. And after selection, it also allows you to re-order line items.