Why Subsidery view is not getting applied as filter


I created a lineitem to use as a filter where it will be true for a particular Business unit. But when we are viewing the lineitem in normal view the boolean is there but not in the subsidery view. Also after applying the filter is UX page it's not working.

What could be the reason and how we can fix this?


  • Hello @Parul369257 , As per my understanding the following are my responses to your questions

    Q1. When we are viewing the line item in normal view the Boolean is there but not in the subsidiary view. Why?

    Because, you are fetching data from your system module (SYS07 Business Unit Details) but not comparing with existing list items. So, please update your formula. Another possibility is dimension mismatch between source and target (here it is subsidiary view)

    Q2. After applying the filter on UX page, it's not working. Why?

    May be due to following reasons:

    • Filter applied on saved view but not saved
    • Published saved view and Filter applied saved view might be different
    • Please check the dimension which you want to filter (whether it is <List> or Time)

    Try to create a filter module with the above filter line item. Apply on the target saved view.

    Hope this works.



  • Is the Business Unit one of the dimensions (applies to) in the main module as well as the subsidiary view? If not then you'll need to

    a. Think about the dimensionality of the subsidiary view - you may not need to change it from the default for the module, or it may be just BU or something else


    b. use 'SYS07 Business Unit Details'.'DA-Desk'[lookup: formula based on the Business Unit selected (wherever that is)] to pull in the boolean you want

  • @Parul369257 : What is the exact dimensionality of the module and what is the dimensionality of the line-item? You need to compare them.

    Subsidiary views are quite tricky and you always need to pay attention at the dimensionality of the line-item and the dimensionality of the module.

    The line-item appears as "blank" (not visible) in the "normal view" is because the dimensionality of the line-item with subsidiary view contains an additional list(s) that are not part of the module dimensionality.

    I always apply this principle for subsidiary views: create a line-item with a different dimensionality than the module only if the line-item contains part of the dimensionality of the module… if the line needs to contain an additional list, I normally create the line-item in a new module.

    Example: dimensionality module MB01: Lis1, List2, Version

    Line-Item OK for subsidiary if the dimensionality of line-item contains List1 or List2 or Version or any combination of these lists.

    If the line-item needs to have a List3 in the dimensionality, the line-item subsidiary will become not visible in the module and it will not be able to be used as a filter in the module MB01.

    The only exception when the filter would work on a subsidiary view is if the List3 it contains the "Users" and the filter is applied on "Current User" (at least what I know).

    In your case, it seems that the dimensionality of the line-item that you want to use as a filter contains a List3 that is not part of the dimensionality of your module. In order to solve it, is needed to understand why do you need the additional list and how that list needs to interact with your current module.

    Also, it is not possible to use as a filter a line-item that is setup on a "Subset". you need an additional line-item that is formatted with the full list with a formula referencing the boolean of the subset.

    Hope it helps