Anaplan Workflow Access


Hi All,

I've given access to myself as workflow owner but not able to see workflow tab .

Can anyone have idea about that?



  • andrewtye
    edited November 2023

    Suggest contacting your Customer Success Business Partner

  • Hello @Ashutosh please can you share if you find out something? How to enable the workflow owner? Do i need a special licenze, charged function?

  • Hii @FrankPau , I've just given to me the role as workflow owner from Admin Tab. But apart from that I am not able to see anything.

    So , I thought to ask community about that. If anyone has update what is the requirement or any other process we need to do. I am also unaware about that.



  • Did you try cookie cleaning? (all time)..

  • Would also check the cookie & cache cleanup first. If that doesn't help I would contact Anaplan support.

  • @Stacey_Gibbens agree! Reminds me of the days I studied for the certified master anaplanner program and found myself downloading the technical documentation for Informatica and Docusign without actually having access to either of them. IMHO, there's really no way to implement a large scale application without some type of ETL solution, a broad understanding of RESTful APIs, and a productive relationship with IT as it relates to data storage. Wonder how much it costs per license because it will have to be enabled for everyone I guess that's a non-read only? Yikes! Hope this becomes part of the base functionality! Would be a game changer.

  • I'll put here what I put on your idea @Stacey_Gibbens … Having been on the Early Access program we're one step ahead and so have been able to get over that management buy-in - but even I think that we can do a reasonable enough job using notifications, etc without the need to resort to have a process layer over the top. Which is a real shame because the functionality is really good and would have made a couple of our models more manageable in terms of process wrapper especially as the product develops.

  • I agree @Stacey_Gibbens if we cannot try and see a new feature or functionality works, how can we recommend anything to the management and I am not sure if that will drive adoption…

  • i second, third and fourth the thought and concerns of @Stacey_Gibbens

  • may be an interim solution would to enable tenant admin to grant this access to one of the non-read-only users at any given point in time within the same tenant to test this feature….. hopefully, not very expensive cost wise to Anaplan & also customer