Why can't I Create a Data Write action?



I do not have a option to create a Data Write action.
Why is this ? Is it possible to access somehow?


  • Not sure what is your use-case where would you like to use the Write Back action.

    The "classic" way to manual input in Anaplan is to use grid board…

    if it is needed to move data between modules, it is used the import actions (or processes that contain imports).

    Hope it helps


  • Hi @alexpavel , thank you so much for your prompt response!

    I apologize if I did not explain myself properly. Let me provide you with a bit more context:

    I have a page using a dynamic filter (as you can see below), and currently, the module view does not change immediately when I change the option in the filter - I have to refresh the page to see the changes.

    I was told to create an action to enable the model to refresh "on its own" by using a Data Write type of action. I was trying to do so, following the Anapedia instructions [Action » Create » Data Write], but this last option does not exist in my interface (as you can see in the screenshot I've shared in the first place). Should I do this some other way?

  • Indeed… only the User based filters are auto-refreshing.

    Why not using the "Refresh" option from the page:

    I think the meaning of "write back" action is intended as "import action".

    Maybe indeed, the refresh of the is "triggered" also if an import action is launched and you can create a "dummy" import between 2 modules just to trigger the refresh, but not sure if it's worthy to create this only to refresh the page when there is already a native refresh page option :)

    hope it helps


  • Hi @vermssilva ,

    There is two way to apply filter immediately:
    1) You need to create user based filters. For this you need to create a selection module which will have user dimension . And then filter module.
    2) If u don't want to user as dimension for selection then u need to refresh the page or creating navigation link . In that navigation link , link the same page so it will refresh the page.
    But drawback is the selection is not based on users. It will show same for every users.

    So I will recommend the first option.

    Hope that helps you.



  • @vermssilva,

    That's weird, even for my newly created Empty Model. I see both Data Write and Notification options, which are missing in your screenshot. I would say to open a ticket with Anaplan Support and check if it's a setting that they have to enable for your workspace.

    As an alternative solution, try using Navigation Link, as it's similar to what you need. Create a navigation link for the same page. So it will open the same page and refresh your applied filters when you click on a button.