Can't add a parent to a existing list

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Hi all,

I am having some troubles adding a new hierarchical level to an existing list, which is called BU01 Business Unit and it's not a numbered list; the new parent should be BU00 Business Unit Combine:

If I try to compile the parent hierarchy column, I get this error:

If I try to delete All Business Unit from the Top Level column, I get this other error:

How can I solve this issue?




  • axel.frot
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    Hello LucaRicci !

    In this kind of exercise, it's important to check that the formulas don't use top levels.
    In this case, doesn't your formula have a "formula" summary?

  • Hi Luca,

    You need to check parent and child level and modify the formula's accordingly. Coz if u are adding new hierachy in between. Parent and child relation will change and formula will give error.

  • Exactly as pointed that changing the parent breaks some formula logics in the model. You should start by removing the conflicting formulas. Then change the parent list and lastly fix the formulas that were causing problems.

  • Hi @LucaRicci ,

    1. Remove the top level . For that you need to check in which all line items where this list is not a dimension and data is coming from line items where this list is used as dimension.In those line items remove the formula .
    2. Add Parent
    3. Put back the removed formula.

    I hope this may solve your issue.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Akhil Emmanual