how to launch model


I am not able to download the anaplan level 1 for the model .

I got this and what i need to mentioned here can u please anyone help me .


  • umangsinghal
    edited November 2023

    Did you get Workspace Administrator access to any workspace? If not then Contact anyone from your team who is already using that workspace as Administrator to provide you the required access.


  • @khushimildain,

    Click on the Tenant and Workspace dropdown and check if something pops up. If it's blank:

    1. If you are working for an Anaplan Customer/ Partner firm, ask you manager / team to provide you the workspace access so it will appear in the dropdown.
    2. If you are an individual who wants to learn Anaplan. Google Anaplan Talent Builder Program and follow the steps to get a free Anaplan Workspace.

    Note: For #2: You need to complete Anaplan Way Certification. Read more about it on google and get yourself a workspace to download the Level 2 starter Model.

  • I got free workspace, but i don't understand how the model launched in the workspace .please tell me step by step

  • When you click to open the L1 model, you get a box asking you to select Tenant and Workspace. Select your tenant and Workspace there then you will be able to launch the model


  • @khushimildain,

    Anaplan had removed your access to the workspace. Kindly request the free workspace again.