Seeking Guidance on Dynamic Addition of custom Planning Versions in Anaplan



I am currently working on dynamically adding planning versions to my Anaplan custom planning version list at the onset of each new month. To achieve this, I am in the process of creating a corresponding workflow.

The challenge I'm facing is that the details of the next version are stored in a module. I need to fetch these details (the item and code), and import them into the planning version list. However, it's worth noting that the module in question is dimensionless.

Additionally, I would like to clarify that I prefer the planning version list not to be a numbered list.

Your insights on structuring this process effectively would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


  • @MayurTiwari5780

    If you know what the versions are already going to be, why not create them now and save the action and trouble of building them at the beginning of every month?

  • @rob_marshall - Good thought but I think it might increase the size of the model at the start of the planning cycle and also extra selections in the dropdown where Planning Version List is being used. Subsets can be used but applying subsets in Input Modules is very risky.


    Planning Version list as Flat List:

    You need a Text column and an import action to rename the existing Versions.

    Planning Version list as Numbered List:

    You can directly change the version name as it's a Numbered List and has Display Name Property.

    To your other question, I think you're not able to import the items as your source module is dimensionless. Create a list (let's say Technical List) and add a item called Technical and then create a module with Technical List as a dimension.

    And then create the import action. It will work 💯

    Saved View:


    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • @Dikshant

    You are going to have the same size whether it is at the beginning or during the process.

  • @Dikshant I do not want to rename the already existing version name but I need to add a new version to the Planning version list and this planning version list should not be a numbered list.

  • @MayurTiwari5780,

    In that case you don't need the Version to rename line item. Map New Version Name Line Item to both Name and Code.