Level 3 4.6.5 Sale Planning Model: DAT02 module

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I have tried to formulate the PY actual sales revenue as

'DAT01 PY Revenue'.Revenue[Lookup: 'SYS00 Time Settings'.PY Qtr,Lookup: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'A1 Account']

Below is my screenshot for DAT01 whereby I imported the numbers from DAT05 in Datahub.

Below is my screenshot for DAT02 module:

However, I received a message that states "Format of mapping used for lookup doesn't match any dimension of the source".

I am not sure if it is because of my SYS03 format for A1 account is not correct or DAT02 dimension is incorrect.

Please advice. Thank you!

Best Answer

  • VanshikaSingh

    Please make sure following:

    Apply Same dimension in DAT02 as in SYS03 then it will work.

    Also Please check if you have following dimension in DAT 01 as well.


  • @jeehui
    you need not to apply Lookup: 'SYS00 Time Settings'.PY Qtr,


    DAT01 Baseline Financial Forecast'.Baseline Financial Forecast[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'P1 Product Family', LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'G2 Country']

  • Hi @VanshikaSingh ,

    I have tried the above formula, but I still received the same error message.

  • Hi @VanshikaSingh ,

    Thank you for the screenshot. May I ask why would I need G2 Country and P1 Product Family in DAT01? My DAT01 was importing data from DAT05 module in Datahub which does not have any of these dimensions.

  • HI @VanshikaSingh ,

    I managed to resolve this. Thank you!