Check if a product belongs to a subset of products


I have a product list with a subset for a particular type of products (e.g., sweets).

I have another module that is NOT dimensioned by products; however, product is one of the columns. I want to create a line item that returns true if the product belongs to this subset. How do I do that?


Best Answer

  • rob_marshall


    Create a SYS Products module
    create a line item within that module (In Chocolate?) for the subset (I will name the subset SS_Chocolate:Products). The format should be Boolean….formula is hardcoded to TRUE. In the Applies To, set it to SS_Chocolate:Products.

    in the module you have, you have a line item with the format being Products (this is entered by the user) named Product. Create another line item named In Chocolate? with a format of Boolean. The formula will be SYS Products.'In Chocolate'[lookup:Product]