Level 3 4.6.5 Sale Planning Model: DAT01 module

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Hi Community,

I was wondering if I did my DAT01 correctly? Because to import DAT05 historical sales from Datahub to Sales Planning module, I will need to set both dimensions as A1 Account and P2 Product list.

However, when I start to build DAT02, my dimension was A2 Accounts>Product list (according to the learning module)

Hence I keep getting the error message that my format of mapping doesn't match.

May I get some guidance here?

Below is my screenshot of DAT01 with dimensions A1 Account, P2 Product.

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  • Ashutosh
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    Yes, You will get your data is correct. Just you need to create a system module between your Hierarchical list A2 Accounts>Product list and Flat list. Then u can use lookup to pull the data from PY to Current year by using lookups.

    Hope that Helps.



  • jeehui
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    Hi @Ashutosh ,

    Thank you for the reply!

    I managed to resolve this.