Сorrespondence of a number to a numerical interval from the List


How can I match a numeric interval from the List to a number in Anaplan?
For example:
Interval list:
1 - [name: "<=80"] (min = 0, max = 80)
2 - [name: "80-90"] (min = 80, max = 90)
3 - [name: ">90"] (min = 90, max = 1000)
Number = 83,257 - it should correspond to the interval No. 2 "80-90"

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  • Dikshant
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    Here is the solution to achieve this requirement:

    I am taking an example where for all employee users are entering a budget and we need to calculate the range of the entered Budget.

    1) Create a Interval List and and the items as shown in the screenshot along with 2 numeric properties Min and Max.

    Note: Make sure to add a Top Level item called Top (Very Imp)

    2) Create a Input Module for Employees and add 2 line items Budget(Number) and Interval(List: Interval List)

    3) Create a Calculation Module and add 2 line items Valid(Boolean) and Valid Interval(List: Interval List)


    Let me know if you have any questions.