Can we sort data in Anaplan with time?

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Hi all, I want to sort data in Dashboards using time, showing the current year 1st and then followed by previous years, is that possible?

Thanks in advance.


  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @Madhumanasa

    Option 1:

    Create a new line item and rank it in descending order so that current year is ranked 1 and so on. Then in UX sort your view using this rank line item

    Option 2:

    Create a year formatted line item and populate it with formula. Sort your UX view in descending order based on this line item


  • @Madhumanasa,

    Sorting is not possible with nested dimensions. You can sort the lists in order to see the sorting in dropdowns and grids, but sorting the Anaplan time with a list would not be possible. For now you can use “show” function in order of selecting line items decide the final showing order just like select line items to show and manually order the months you want to show in required sequence.

    Refer to this discussion which happened long back.

  • Hi, thanks for you message. This sorting of data is with custom time dimension, that should change every year according to the current year. will the rank function apply for this, as i wanted this to be a automated process, that does not require to change every year

  • @Madhumanasa,

    In that case, you need to store the current year (manually) in a dimensionless LOOKUP Module and then -1 year as Previous Year and +1 Year as Future Year in different line items calculated and then in your Custom Time System module give current year as 1, Previous Year as 2 and Future Year as 3 using IF ELSE condition and then automated the sort action.