Anyone who can help me configure the SAP HANA JDBC driver?


I have a SAP HANA JDBC driver (ngdbc.jar") in my ANAPLAN CONNECT lib but am not able to configure it. I have attached a screenshot of the SAP HANA JDBC driver window.


  • Hi,

    Could you elaborate a bit. What do you mean that you are not able to configure it? Do you get an error message or something?


    Downloading and configuring the ngdbc.jar file

    SAP HANA Connector uses JDBC to import the metadata. Hence, to read data from the SAP HANA database, you must download the ngdbc.jar file and configure it on the Secure Agent machine. Contact SAP Customer Support if you encounter any issues with downloading the file.

    1. Go to the SAP Service Marketplace: You need SAP credentials to access the Service Marketplace.
    2. Download the ngdbc.jar file on the Linux or Windows machine where the Secure Agent runs.Verify that you download the most recent version of the file.
    3. Copy the ngdbc.jar file to the following directory:C:\Program Files\Informatica Cloud Secure Agent\apps\Data_Integration_Server\ext\deploy_to_main\bin\rdtm-extra\HANACreate the deploy_to_main\bin\rdtm-extra\HANA directory if it does not already exist.
    4. Restart the Secure Agent.

  • Refer to this for more details.