Hi Anaplanners, I have just started with the L3 course and I am stuck at the Target Review UX build


The ask is to design a UX prototype but I am not sure where to start with it. Any leads on that?


  • You don't have to make any fancy dashboards. You still don't have any data.

    Imagine you are building them for the customer. If they want to view Item/time create an excel/powerpoint draft where you have X-axisi and Y axis showing items.

    use made up codes and names to represent the information you want to be able to link together.
    Country A - Sales Rep A, where A could be a Link.

    It is only important that you get a feel of what you are about to build and what needs to be built for you to create the different cards.

  • @RupamMukherjee,

    There are 5 UX pages that you have to build in Level 3. You might have already watched the videos provided by Anaplan explaining the Sales Process. Taking that into consideration read the 5 user stories and create a mock up those UX Pages in Excel like what all columns you will show in your UX pages.

    Make sure these prototypes and schemas that you will submit, will be reviewed when you apply for Solution Architect. Make sure Schema follows DISCO and is as per the requirement.