How do you import line items from one specific list in a module?



I want to import data from a module contained in another work space. This source module only has one list with no top level. Specifically, I am trying to import the line items from one list item "Cost".

On my attempt, I tried the following steps:

  • Pivoted the list item needed as a page, and the line items in rows
  • Created a saved view in the source module with the line items needed
  • Created line items in the target module to match source module, and mapped them.

The issue is that - instead of importing data from the desired "Cost" list item, the action is importing data from all 3 list items in the module, giving a total value of all line items in the module rather than total for just "Cost". I hope this makes sense! Let me know if any clarification is needed.



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  • Dikshant
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    Make sure the same list items are in the source and target models.

    Make sure to only show the line item which you want to import in the saved view.

    Make sure to verify all mapping tabs in import action and items are mapped correctly b/w source & target modules.

    Check these and let me know if you still not able to figure out the root cause.

  • Dikshant
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    Try Name(Item(Dept)) = "CTO", if it's not a numbered list. If its a Numbered List try Dept.Display Name[LOOKUP: Dept] = "CTO"


  • Exporting the list and adding it into the target module for mapping worked, thank you for the tip! I must add that Cost was actually a line item, not a list item.

    The next issue I'm facing is that, when trying to find a total for list items under the Cost line item, I'm having trouble selecting the list items properly to total them.

    'DATXX'.Cost[SELECT: 'List'.List Item, SELECT: 'List'.List Item]

    I want to add the list items for Cost line item only …I have tried the above format for the formula and it doesn't work. I get an error saying "it is not permitted to select multiple items on the same dimension"

    Would appreciate any advice

  • @ShakirHabib,

    Create a new line item and write an IF ELSE condition like:

    Calc Cost: IF Dept = "CTO" OR Dept = "CIO" OR Dept = "HWPO" THEN Cost ELSE 0

    Then use SELECT function of top-level item, like:

    Final Cost: Calc Cost[SELECT: Dept.Total Dept]

    Hope this helps!

  • @Dikshant

    Thanks for your help thus far! What if you need to reference a list item that is a grandchild? For example - in your formula that you give, if CTO had children …like junior, senior regular CTO… how would you reference that?

    So would it be like

    IF Dept.CTO = "junior" OR Dept.CTO = "senior" THEN Cost ELSE 0

    This is the way I'm trying, but it won't recognise the list item after the equals sign as a list item.

    I hope that make sense