How to Check the boolean items Based on Formula

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In the source i have combo aganist the one combo item. we Have given a cycle drop down. Which consists of 8 item. If they select Cycle 1 then then Target module should be True for cycle 1 . If Cycle then Upto cycle 2 if 3 upto3. If 8 upto 8 cycles should be true . how can i achieve this in similary set up or in different approach

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  • rob_marshall


    This is similar to what @pyrypeura stated, but a little different.

    My list, make note of the codes.

    SYS Cycles module:

    The Selection module:

    Final Module

    Final: SYS Cycles.Code Nbr <= Stage Code[SELECT: Cycles.All Cycles]
    Stage Code: IF SYS Cycles.item = RPT Cycles Selection.Cycles THEN SYS Cycles.Code Nbr ELSE 0

    Final Result


  • Hi,

    You could set code for each cycle to be 1,2,3 and so on so code is same as number of cycles. Then you can in target modules Compare VALUE(code(source.cycle))< = VALUE(CODE(ITEM(Cycle))). This way you can make this formula comparison of numbers.