No of sums in a single line item



Need to know that how many number of sums we can use in a single line item so that its performance will also won't downgraded.




  • Performance depends on the various factors like size of modules used in Sum, Summary methods, Multiple If else statements. There is no straight forward answer to the number of SUM can be used in a line item, you can test the performance in real time environment. If it affects the performance, try to break the formula in multiple lineitem.


  • @Vicky_Kapri

    It really depends on what you are asking…

    • If you are asking how many sums in a particular statement like line item[sum:x, sum:y, sum:z] then you are obviously limited to the number of lists/dimensions defined for that line item.
    • if you are asking how many sum statements within a line item like line item1[sum:X] + line item2[sum:y] + line item3[sum:z] then yes, it does make a difference. Best Practice (link) says to break them up. The reason for this, when something changes in line item1, the sums for line item2 and line item3 get kicked off as well. Also, please remember, even though the logic is defined once, it is getting kicked off for every cell associated with that line item. For example, if the cell count for that line item is 1M cells, that formula is getting kicked off 1M times.
    • If you are asking how many line items doing SUMS within a module, it depends on the sums. If they are similar (the sums) with only the line item changing, then it would be best to look into using a line item subset and a calculation module (do the sum once, and then reference the results).

    Hope this helps,