How I Built It: Flagging new list items


Author: Chris Allen is a Certified Master Anaplanner and Manager at Allitix.

Hello, and thank you for checking out my ‘How I Built It’ video tutorial on flagging new list items!

The video will walk you through the process of flagging list items as "new." The key step in the process relies on an import to flag all current list members as true before importing in new list members, which will appear as false. The methodology to drop the "new" designation depends on user's preference. We'll cover the two basic methodologies: automatic and manual. Both methodologies can be intertwined into one process and custom rules can be incorporated to fit the user's needs.

The process has been a request by some clients for their own awareness of changes and/or help ensure data integrity. It's an important step to leverage for innovation planning where users have the ability to create innovation SKUs. When master data sets up the actual SKU, which an innovation SKU is a placeholder for, this process serves as a reminder to replace the innovation with the actual SKU; it's unlikely the innovation SKU will have the same code or description as the actual SKU set up by master data.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!

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  • Nice, Chris!

  • Great video. This feature is very helpful with product data where a reliable lifecycle dates are not available, so identifying new products must be done in Anaplan.