Difference in digits displayed

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I noticed that while exporting or copying the decimal data, the last digit doesn't get exported/copied. Can someone let me know if there is any limitation in the number of digits exported after decimal.

As per Anaplan

While exporting


  • Hi Rajalakshmi while exporting the data from Anaplan please uncheck the Use digits setting for unformatted exports checkbox and try to export.

  • Hi, thank you for your response. I did uncheck but still the issue exist. Any other alternative I can try?

  • Hi @skibidi toilet,

    I had the same problem, unchecked the Use alphanumeric settings for unformatted export checkbox when exporting data from Anaplan then logged back in. You can try this solution which worked for me!

  • Understood, let me recheck. Just to confirm are referring to the same check box as mentioned above when you say "unchecked the Use alphanumeric settings for unformatted export checkbox"