Get authentication token details



I'm currently trying to execute the instructions of the Authentication Service API document:

I'm stuck at the step "Get auth token details".

I use the software Postman to test the request.

I tried the type of authorization "Bearer Token" and fill the field "Token" with the token value that i got with the request HTTP for basic authentication using name and password

But I got this message of error "Invalid header. Verify the header"

Can someone help me please

Thank you

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  • Hi,

    You shouldn't be doing authentication via authentication tab but through headers. There your header would be

    authorization: 'AnaplanAuthToken {your_token_value}'

  • Hi

    Thank you for your answer.

    I tried this too, but i got the same message

    With 0 Params for Anthorization, whatever the field "No Auth", "Bearer Token", "Basic Auth", I got a message of error

    Thank you for your help

  • Hi on the column left side your value should be authorization and in right hand side AnaplanAuthToken {token_value}

  • Hi

    Thank you guys

    I will look at it M.Kierepka

    I tried


  • Hello Guys

    Thanks a lot, it worked

    M.Kierepka, I looked at your postman, it's amazing. Can I ask you some questions about it ? I will just do some personnal researchs before, try to understand by myself.

    Thank you again

  • Hi @DanielLim2,

    Glad it's working now! Sure, you can always post another question on community and tag me in the comment, or directly message me.