Level 2 Conclusion - INV01 Inventory Ordering not matching? Anyone please confirm

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Hi All,

I found that the extract "Check Your Work"(from the link) is not matching with my Supply chain model while doing training Level 2. Downloaded the csv file from L2 - Conclusion shown in screenshot

Out of 371 SKUs - Beginning Inventory is not matching for 112 SKUs, while comparing FY20, FY21 totals as shown in pivot. For example Anafrazzles_SP highlighted in screenshot:

Looking at monthly level for the same SKU illustrated below:

Analysing further, it was found that there is an issue with ordering schedule that is propagating through the timeline

Weekly Order Schedule below was downloaded as part of Sprint 3 Exam and loaded into my model:

If I remove the purchase order for the first week, the Inventory exactly matches with the values provided for checking purpose

Can anyone confirm with the same?

It seems Work+Ordering+Schedule.csv provided have discrepancies which creating differences in Inventory between my model and what is expected

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  • Vamsi_Kaki

    Hello @Saiteja66, sometime there might be discrepancies with the values provided for checking purpose. If your values are not matching with answers provided in the exam then you please re-verify and write to Anaplan if required.