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The data in the "Start Date" row is blank and I've tried three different formulas (LOOKUP, CODE, & PARENT) and none of them are working. What formula do I need? The first & second images are related to this question.

Also, why is this post directed towards the "Japan Community"? The third image is related to this question.


  • Rnilsson
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    The date is an imported.
    You thus need to have the Date format on the line item when importing the file. (as you have done)
    However, you also need to pick the correct time mapping to match the format in the source. if you have Y-M-D YYMMDD or D-M-Y or M-D-Y or any other option in the source file.

  • Thank you @Rnilsson for your quick response.

    I reloaded the "Employees" .csv file, however, I didn't see an option to adjust the date format. Here are a few images below that might give you some clues:

  • Note the following area.
    If the line item is not a mapping but just data load, you will have the settings here

  • Ah! I never would have noticed those buttons.

    Thank you for your help!

  • @rainbow obby I appreciate everything you've done for this community.