Import Issues with Months


Hi All,

I exported my module as a csv file and when I try to re-import the file adding details in it.

It throws an error that the Month column is not mapped. The list is mapped properly but for some reason the month appears differently in the mapping, which Anaplan does not recognise it and I have to manually map it.

Is there a workaround or a better way to export it so that when importing Anaplan recognizes the month and I don't need to map manually.


This is the module view with Month e.g "Jan 23"

Best Answer

  • Rnilsson
    Answer ✓

    Note how anplan has column 1 an column 3 among your rows with dates.
    This means that anaplan thinks the header is not only dates but general headings.

    Either re-pivot the file or remove 2 columns, or map column 1 and column 3 as well.
    Based on the file you should only be able to see column 1 + dates. It may be the format of the file. (Setting when you intial set up the file import