Add create action to a process??



I would like to add a Create action to a process, but I can't seem to. Does anyone know how to do this?


Best Answer

  • rob_marshall


    Or, you could "hide" the actions in a different process. For example, do the Create first and then have a "Save" button where it has the Process and actions behind it.


  • @egc8r

    You can't do that as the create action needs to know where to put the new member. For an alternative, have the new member (with code and parent ) defined in a view and have the process import the new member into the list, and then the final action within the process will clear that member our from the module. Will that work for you?


  • @rob_marshall

    I can try that … but I was hoping to have the create action run first, where it would ask the user where to put the new member, and then have other actions run after that.