Best practice model building


Currently looking at additional use cases for Anaplan, including using for a 5 year planning horizon, rather than the current 24 month one. Question has come up around level of detail that wish to plant at and hence the impact on model size and looking for tips in terms of best practice when building out model

Example, some of the lists that are to be referenced have number of members such as below:

Reporting Segments - 108

Sub Regions - 18

Product Groups 62

Is it best to build out model using more modules and reference subsets of these lists, rather than whole lists and make model sparse unnecessarily?

Getting similar requests on creating module for reporting purposes that has all main dimensions in, which essentially creates a huge cell count of 1.6bn!



  • @ChrisMcCarthy,

    Creating the combination list would reduce sparsity in this scenario if you want to go that route. Users will input data in a user specific module. It's kind of a user specific grid having let's say 100 rows where they can select dept, geos, account and whatever required and then in front of that combination they can do the planning for next 5 years and run a process which will create a combination list for the same Dept, Geo, Account combination and show the corresponding numbers.

    Subsets will yes limit the size of the report.

    Try Fake users list for user specific module to limit the size of the same.