Importing A Sales Rep Designations.CSV to model


Need some direction. During L3 Technical Exam, I am not sure which module do we import A Sales Rep Designations.csv.

The downloaded file only have Account Code and Sales Rep Code.

Is there some intermediate work that needs to be done to the file before It can be imported.

Thanks for your help


Best Answer

  • umangsinghal

    Looks like you need to import this into Accounts list. Csv file having Account Name, Account Code and Rep code. You must be having a property in Accounts list named "Rep code".



  • Do you have any module with dimension of Account Code and Sales Rep code?


  • I double checked and I could not find any module with that dimensionality. Maybe I missed an activity or a step during the course.

  • I can do that.

    Once I complete that, do then I have to use this property to identify the sales rep associated with each account and update it in QUO01?

  • I do not remember the exact requirement. But you can follow the instructions provided in L3 Exam.


  • @sagarkpr,

    For each A1 Account, there is a dedicated Sales Representative, and the Sales Rep will be stored in the line item, where line item format is Sales Rep list type and module dimension is A1 Accounts.

  • @dikshant, Thanks I was able to get that with earlier response. I am trying to figure now how to take that info and populate it in QUO01 Module.

  • @sagarkpr, load the csv file directly. The module is dimensioned by A1 Account, and the line item is in Sales Rep list format.