INV01 Inventory Ordering - Summary method not adding up well



Could anyone help me with the monthly totals of "INV01 Inventory Ordering" module?

I think I have the rights setting ( see picture INV01 - Summary setting), but as you can see in picture INV01 - Summary error, it is not adding up well.

Find attached the summary settings for module AD02 too, as it affects the results.

Please, if anyone could give me some light I would really appreciate it, I have been for weeks with this.

Thanks you so much in advanced.


  • Did you apply DCA on those lineitems? If yes then check the formula of DCA setup. It is not the issue of Summary method but the blank value at Week1 FY20.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for answering so fast! Yes I do have DCA in those line items (see picture INV01 - Acces Driver). I fact the summary number that you can see in the picture is the aggregation of all the cells from the different weeks, even when the values are being hidden!

    I do not know how to configure it so it only adds the cells that are being shown.

    Could you guide me with that?

    Thank you so much in advanced,


  • @marlecro22

    You should remove DCA from all formula based lineitem. DCA is required where lineitem is enabled for user input like Override Suggested Order Amount?

    If you want to exclue first week value then create one more boolean lineitem named as First week> Select first week checkbox> Update your formula for final Shipment Amount "if NOT First week AND NOT Override Suggested Order Amount? ......"


  • Hello,

    But I should be able to see the right summary with the DCA activated in those cells. As you can see in the picture from the Level 2 Activities, they are showing only some cells and adding the value from the ones that are being shown not the hidden ones too.

  • In this case, your DCA setup is correct. Just update the formula for Final Shipment Amount as "if Override Suggested Order Amount? Then Override Amount Else If Submit Purchase Order Request? Then Suggested Order Amount for the Month Else 0"


  • Thank you so much!! It worked!

  • You're welcome!